Friday, February 16, 2007

Tales of Terror from the World of Rock

Most folk who read the Dance Party are pretty cool and of A Certain Age, so I figure you are all familiar with the film This Is Spinal Tap. That band used to go through drummers like nobody's business! A Cruel Hoax went through several drummers, too. The Wonders of Science didn't even have a drummer at first; we used a drum machine, but eventually we took on a drummer. One drummer was Alexis Vanden Burgh (sp?) who eventually found fame on a season of Survivor; I think it was the first episode in Africa. Lexy was the guy with the piercings and tatoos. He was also the first drummer in A Cruel Hoax, but I digress.

Before I was in cool bands, I was in a Cover Band, or as we called them, Copy Bands. These are bands that play all the latest stuff on the radio, or, in our case, songs by bands we liked. The name of the band was Prologue, and we had an eclectic song list: songs by David Bowie, the Ramones, Queen, UFO, Nick Lowe, Montrose, and all manner of bands I can't remember, due to the psychological trauma. We used to go through Lead Guitarists like that band pictured above went through drummers!

So imagine my surprise when my dear friend MadPriest found a picture of one of my former lead guitarists! We went through so many that I don't remember them all, but I remember this guy. His name is Harry "Kitty-face" Mukowsky. He was only with us for a couple of months because he only wanted to play songs by The Stray Cats, Cat Stevens, and Fasterpussycat. Actually, the REAL problem was that he wanted to play a MEDLEY of songs by Stray Cats, Cat Stevens, and Fasterpussycat. I liked him because, on those rare occasions when we actually got paid for a gig, we could give him one of those little foil-lined bags of Wiskas and he was happy. I remember the time we had an overnighter in another town far away. Everyone was mad because we couldn't get showers in the morning before we headed back, but ol' Kitty-face just curled up in the back of the fan and cleaned himself with his tongue.

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Matty Boy said...

Is this kitty the one who stole your electricidad? Have you checked it out?

We had some goofy stuff in the history of The Wonders Of Science, but nothing to match the glory of the story of Kitty Face.

If someone had told him that Leonard means "Lion Heart", he probably would have wanted to include Leonard Cohen and Leonard Nimoy in the medley as well.

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