Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Art of Leonardo Ricardo

Face it, folks, you gonna wanna click dese fótos, fer sure!

Let's face it; only the BEST kinda folks post on Padre Mickey's Dance Party. Well, that English priest, Jonathan or whatever can be kinda nasty, but overall we only attract the best kinda folks. And one of the best persons, in my opinion, and since this is my blog my opinion is the one which counts the most (well, I have agreed to let the Lovely Mona post here, too, but she agrees with me on this point, so her opinon counts, too) is Leonardo Ricardo, Artiste Extraordinaire. Not only does he paint wonderful pictures and furniture and crosses and stuff, but he doesn't take any S*** from right-wing, homophobic wankers. And he is really funny, and one of the sweetest folks here at the Dance Party. And, with his permission, I now present to you examples of his art. Enjoy!


monicabarbuscia said...


monicabarbuscia said...

Your blog is confusing. You seem to be doing the Lord's work, yet you don't believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God, and you call other Christians who don't believe in your liberal mumbo jumbo "masterbators". Very confusing...

Padre Mickey said...

Gee Monica, what can I say, anyone who has actually read the Bible can't believe that it is infallible, what with all the contradictions. As for those who disagree with me, I only call the homophobes wankers.

So the question I present to you is: "Can one do the Lord's work and still use their brains?" I say "yes." What do you say?

monicabarbuscia said...

I believe it is infallible and that there are no contradictions, only incorrect interpretations, taken out of context. One of my favorite sermon series is Why I Believe, subtitled "Can I be a Christian without throwing my brain in the trashcan. I would be very happy to send you a copy of the series on tape.

monicabarbuscia said...

If you don't believe in the infallibility of the Bible, how can you be a Christian? Honestly, you can then pick and choose the parts you believe are correct and throw out the other parts the you find distasteful or don't want to believe and make your own religion to satisfy your own human (and fallible) convictions.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Wow, now WHY was that right wing "wanker" sent in to introduce my ART SHOWING here at Padre Mickeys Dance Party? If I every wanted to "wank" one I wanted to want this tormented creature who obviously is allowed a little computer time in the Sun Room! Do you suppose she needs medication or just a good emotional slapping or a ALL PAID visit to Northern Nigeria to dine with Bishop Hooligan and his latest 97 new Bishops?


...thank you good Padre (and lovely Mona) for all the kind words you thought and said about my artwork (do you think the devil made me do it?) and you are more than kind and uplifting at all times in your own very creative and God LOVING ways! You are the CHAMPS and thank you for the love.

May God bless you for your ability to get people to Dance who wouldn't otherwise do so!

Bless all the hearts down there in Panama (many of whose citizens are "literal" scriptural escapistas and no longer are made to be SLAVES to nutty/greedy white bigots)!

Thanks be to God

The Lovely Mona said...

We are all God's children and by God's grace we are blessed and loved. I think by that alone, we should treat each other with kindness and love. Besides, that is what Jesus commanded.

In all honesty, we all pick and choose from the Bible what suits us, no matter how we interpret the Bible--infallable or not, as Athiest or Christian or any other religion.

Leonardo, I love your paintings. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Lovely Mona,

Just for fun I thought you should all know the titles of my little "works" presented here:

1) "Table Talk"'s a low bench.

2) "Cortando Cafe"...4'x4' painting

3) "Garden of San Miguel"..4'8' painting.

4) "High and Dry"...conversation group (I think I'm selling today)

5) "Deep Sea/See"...round mirror with applied carved and painted wood fish swimming about!


monicabarbuscia said...

"We are all God's children and by God's grace we are blessed and loved. I think by that alone, we should treat each other with kindness and love. Besides, that is what Jesus commanded."

I totally agree with that statement. Who said I did not treat all people with kindness and love? Not me.

What I saw when I stumbled upon this blog was hatred, hatred for fellow Christians, vulgar language, and a "padre" who doesn't believe in the Bible. This very talented artist, wants to rape me, wow.

Which is more loving, a doctor telling you that you have a habit or disease that can kill you and trying to help, or your doctor telling you that you are just fine so he won't upset or worry you?

I can't wait to meet you in person one day, won't that be a lively conversation? I guess it bothers me too that there was no mention of the significance of Feb. 11th to you. Goodbye for now and I hope I at least gave you some things to ponder on today.

Padre Mickey said...

Monica, you have jumped to some interesting conclusions. Firstly, I didn't say "I don't believe in the Bible" I said I don't believe it is infallible. Inspired, yes, infallible, no. As far as picking and choosing are concerned, it is my experience that everyone picks and choses what they want to believe and that which they don't. My parents were in the Assemblies of God church, I went to a school run by Southern Baptists, Nazarenes, AofG's, and other evangelicals; I know all about the "infallible Word of God" stuff. All those folks picked the parts they liked, too, and I suspect you may, also. Mona stated the same. Since I don't use this blog to teach about the scriptures, my beliefs regarding infallibility are not important, are they?

From what I read of Leonardo's comments, and from what I know of him, he certainly didn't want to rape you, that is quite an accusation. Also, I don't hate Christians who disagree with my "liberal mumbo jumbo" but I do hate their actions, especially in regards to how they want to treat my GLBT brothers and sisters.

I guess I should apologise for not mentioning the significance of February 11, but the truth is I have no idea what that significance may be.

If the Dance Party bothers you so, you may consider staying away, but I have no reason to block you.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

"This very talented artist, wants to rape me, wow."

Wow is right...but I have my own "ick factor" to consider!

Deceitful/feardriven and dangerous madness abounds!

Are you on the sauce?

Perhaps repeatedly dumping pales of cold water on you would be best in the longterm (like Bush authorizes for heathen prisoners of "war")...something equally as backward for loathing and instigating hatecrimes against LGBT human beings with your selective scriputural "silliness" seems appropriate therapy even in this more enlightened age.

Let's dance's "ALL skate" around here.

monicabarbuscia said...

Maybe it is the grasp of the English language that is the problem.

n : slang terms for masturbation [syn: jacking off, jerking
off, hand job]

You said "If I every wanted to "wank" one I wanted to want this tormented creature". I am sorry if I misinterpreted your intentions. Maybe that is a term a Christian should not use.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Maybe we ought be friends and write about the God that loves everyone and wants us to do the same (without promoting our own version of requirements for that love or excluding others while doing so)?

Peace be with you

the Lovely Mona said...


I'm surprised you jumped to the conclusion that I was refering to you. Perhaps I was trying to make sure the "guys" were going to kind to you, not the other way around. Didn't mean to make you believe it was a personal attack because it wasn't.

This site was designed to inform our family and friends about our ministry. It was never my intention to start arguments here.

I see this is a discussion that will not be solved and most likely continue being ugly. What a shame. We just wanted to share Leonardo's beautiful art.

I stand by Padre Mickey in that if you're uncomfortable here, you might find another blog elsewhere that will be more to your liking.

Personally, I'm bowing out and leaving God to handle the feelings here. God knows what's best.

Tara Mobley said...

Congrats, Padre. You're now a real blog!

On the proper subject, those are really pretty. Leonardo, you have talent.

Saint Pat said...

Never mind the Barbarians, Leonardo. You're an incredibly talented artist! Thank you for sharing with us.

Eileen said...

Leonardo - I love your use of color! It's wonderful!

And the names are parfait.

Don't feed the trolls folks!

Blessings to all here, and even those who don't really belong here, and whom I don't really feel like blessing, cuz Jesus said we should.

I See You!

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