Friday, February 23, 2007

Lenten Practices

When Mona and I lived in San José, California, we were members of St. Francis Episcopal Church. The parish is very supportive of our mission and you can visit their website by clicking on their link in the blogroll. The Lenten practice at St. Francis was a Wednesday night Soup Supper with a lecture series after dinner. I always enjoyed the classes and the soups. Here in Panamá, we really don't want to eat soup during Lent because it's still Summer time and really, really, hot; soup just isn't as comforting as it is in California during Lent (where my sister tells me it's snowing at her house in Redwood City!). No, no soup during Lent here!

I remember that many churches in the U.S.A. have their Lenten classes on Wednesday nights; I noticed that Rev. Ref+ is doing that at his parish. Here in Panamá, it's Friday nights for Lenten stuff.

Here at San Cristóbal the tradition is Stations of the Cross on Friday nights during Lent. Before the stations, I usually give a class, either a Bible study or a lecture. Last year we looked at the ancient heresies and their modern manifestations; we have had classes on Early Christian spirituality and on different prayer styles. This year we will talk about the Anglican Communion and what the heck is going on. This should be interesting!!

What are the practices in your community?


Mary Sue said...

Oh, we've got all sorts of things. Mass on Wednesday nights, Soup/Study/Stations on Friday, and lectures on Sunday. Considering how teeny-tiny St. Thatguy Parish is, it's a lot.

Caminante said...

"Here in Panamá, it's Friday nights for Lenten stuff." Como a Sta Maria. We have simple soup and supper (we used to do stations of the cross but the people who did it have either died or are in the assisted living home). This year we are doing a six-week series focusing on different types of peace -- shalom, ubuntu, ahola, reconciliation and so forth.

Eileen said...

Lots of stuff going on with us too.

Soup and Bread/with Lecture and Compline on Wednesday nights, Evening Prayers on Monday, Stations of the Cross on Tuesday Night, and on Thursday morning, followed by noonday prayers.

I'm also doing Theology Pub with Ann+ Fontaine online. So far, it's neat.

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