Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sin Electricidad

Well, we still don't have any power to the church and the offices. Our electrician, Mario, is trying to get it all hooked-up but there's always some complication. I learned yesterday that the guys who stole the cable early Monday morning returned Monday night and finished the job!! I also learned that they hit the Seventh-Day Adventist church down the street. They lost their telephone cable, all the copper in their air-conditioner drains, and some of the "iron" (bars) from the fence in front of the church! Someone also got into Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal and stole all the copper from the starters in the school buses. This whole thing could be solved with a bit of police interest in the local metal recyclers. Some of these places are open all night, which only seems to encourage "copper recycling" in this area. Of course, the police have yet to appear at St. Christopher's or Berean's Seventh-Day Adventist to take any statements or even look at what happened.

I had a great time singing with the Vacation Bible School this morning. Tomorrow is the last day.

Since the power is out, I'm at home working on the bulletins for Sunday and preparing materials for this evening's Vestry Meeting; the first meeting for those who were elected a couple of Sundays ago. Maybe we'll have power tomorrow.

Here are some photos of what we found on Monday morning.

1. Electrical cable torn from the wall.
2. Damaged meters (It looks like they tried to cut the cable on the right but it started sparking!)
3. Electrical cable was pulled out of the ground
4. Handprints on the newly-painted wall
5. Another cable cut

UPDATE ¡Tenemos electricidad! Mario and Mr. Hudson got things hooked-up and turned-on just as we started the Vestry meetings. Hooray!!


Grandmère Mimi said...

They're stealing copper like crazy around here, too. We have copper gutters. We're waiting.

Caminante said...

La vida nunca está sencilla. Carumba.

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