Saturday, February 10, 2007

Business Day

Well, it was the Business Day of the Convention, but nothing crazy or terrible happened. I was very pleased that Bishop Murray announced three new Canons in the diocese. We haven't had any new canons in ages. Revda. Glenda McQueen, Revdo. Luis Cáceres, and Lic. Walter Smith were appointed Canons of the Diocese of Panamá. Glenda is a dear friend and we (St. Christopher's) were her sponsoring parish while she was in seminary. Walter and I work together in the Theological Education department of the diocese. Mona claims that Walter and I share a brain, because we finish each other's sentences, plus Walter is the only person on the planet with whom I can cook (Everyone who has gone through the Panama Project for the past seven years knows this is true). Luis is my assistant and we have worked together since he was a Transitional Deacon. He is the head of the chaplains of the Episcopal Schools, and I am so proud of him and Glenda and Walter!
Tomorrow is the Closing Eucharist at Catedral San Lucas. I spent three days planning the service, and then my work will be done. Except that Vacation Bible School starts Monday, and I have also agreed to teach the cooking class this week, so I'll be keeping this break-neck pace for another week. Next week is Carnival, and Lent, thank God! I'll be teaching about Anglicanism and the Recent Unpleasantness in the Communion for my Lenten Series. If you're in Panama, be sure to stop by on Friday Evenings, before Stations of the Cross.
Here are fótos of the Business meeting, the delegation from San Cristóbal (y San Juan) and Bishop Julio Murray giving his address.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Very nice...thanks for sharing your convention with us.

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