Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Writin' and A Cuttin' and A Pastin'

Sorry for not posting today, but I'm catching up with stuff after being away for ten days. Diocesan Convention is next week, and I've spent part of the day preparing bilingual booklets with Morning Prayer and the Daily Devotions for Noon and Early Evening. I still have to assemble all the readings for those days. Well, it keeps me out of the Pool Halls! So, things will be a bit sparse for a few days.
Our refurbishing project is almost finished and it looks great! I'll bring the camera with me tomorrow and post photos of our new, improved ceiling.

Here's a photo of a puppy in a tank-top.


Matty Boy said...

There is a famous plant poison called bella donna (Latin for pretty woman, like ah gots to tell you almost Papists), which was used in Roman times by da ladies to dilate their pupils, making them look interested, and so attractive to the men folk.

Is this being used on Cute Overload wit dese poor animules?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Eileen said...

Padre - I can't believe you would let your life and priestly duties interfere with your blogging.

What kind of blogger are you anway?

(Walks off grumbling..)

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