Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carnaval At Hogar De Las Niñas

Photo from www.czbrats.com

Tía Sue has a great post about the Carnaval celebration at el Hogar.
I think it sounds like more fun than a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner in the Parish Hall. I´ll never forget the faces of the Youth at San Cristóbal when I told them about Shrove Tuesday celebrations in the U.S. They couldn't believe that everyone would eat pancakes for dinner!
So, go check out Tía Sue's blog.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

This looks almost exactly like what manifested itself in front of my house yesterday afternoon...the students from the institute went and looked WILD! Wonderful, colorful and we perched on the front step as the whirling insanity (accompanied by booming speaker trucks) then moved down the Calle Real (Main/High Street)...hours later I drove my housekeeper home (with her black cocker puppy that we had taken to the vet for some shots) and the BEAT WAS STILL GOING ON...I last heard the music at about 9:00 last night!

Ashes today...a good time to reflect on my gratitude to God for the many blessing that surround me including the essence of me that God continues to validate and protect.

No need for me to have a costume on anymore...thanks be to God!

Love to all

I See You!

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