Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jesus On The Mast

Yer gonna wanna click on this to see it in detail

Here's an interesting mural from the wall of the former Sunday School room in the basement of the Cathedral. It's starting to chip on the bottom, but it's managed to remain all these years (I have no idea when it was painted, but it has always intrigued me). What story is this mural illustrating? I have no idea! If you know, tell me in the comments.


R said...


Acts 27:13-38 would be my best guess.

I believe that's Paul dressed in white offering the bread to God (v.35) Note the angel reaching down -- not a literal biblical interpretation, but highlights the figure in white, dressed in what looks to be distinctively Jewish clothing.

R said...

. . .and note the figure's calm in the midst of the storm. . .

Eileen said...

r Wins! I haven't a clue!

It made me think of boat people (refugees). And Jesus calming the sea, when all the apostles were frightened.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

It's about Cristo arriving by ship to the New World (course the Mormons think he made a earlier visit)!

JJ said...

I was a kid in that Sunday school class in the 1960s, and I stll remember that picture. It used to intrigue, and kinda sacre me as a little one

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