Sunday, February 25, 2007

La Boda de Edwin Pérez y Emily Maduro

I've mentioned before that the lovely Mona and I have an extended family here in Panamá, folks with whom we get together for Pesach and Thanksgiving, and every member of this family is very dear to us. Today we had the wonderful opportunity of attending the wedding of two members of this family: Edwin and Emily. They are one cute couple. They met at med-school here in Panamá and were inseparable from the beginning. I'll never forget the first family Seder Edwin attended and how impressed we all were with his theological reflection. The wedding was held at the Union Club in Paitilla and was a very interesting liturgy, combining elements of both a Protestant and Jewish wedding, and it was bilingual. Here are some fótos of the wedding. ¡Felicidades, Emily y Edwin, y mazeltov!

1. Edwin and Emily from the center of the aisle
2.Edwin and Emily
3. The Happy Couple
4. Mona gets arty: Edwin and his parents, Edwin y Astudillo, coming up the aisle
5. More members of our family: the Artist Janet Levi and her artistic son David, and Padre in a bow tie


mary sue said...

Mazel tov por las casadas!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

My only chukle today is you caught on camera in your bowtie...wonderful!

Thanks for being a great Padre and friend.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Beautiful wedding. Ha! Leonardo, I like it, too. The Padre in a bow tie. They're out of style, you know, Padre. Only for old men.

Padre Mickey said...

Grandmère Mimi,
I quit worrying about what was in style many years ago, probably because I'm an old man. I own two ties: a bow tie and that other tie. I quit wearing ties after I left my job as a Purchasing Agent, 'cuz ties feel like the White Man's chain around my throat. However, there are occasions where a man must wear a tie, and, since I know how to tie one, I wear a bow tie.

I usually wear a guayabera if I'm not wearing clericals.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Besides, your tie is crooked. ;o) Lovely Mona, help this man out!

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