Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Service of Revival and Healing

Yeah, yeah, you know the drill; click it.

We had our service of Healing and Revival this evening at San Pablo. San Pablo is an interesting church. It is on the other side of Avenida de las Martires, formerly Fourth of July avenue. In the old days, the road divided the Canal Zone from Panamá. Catedral San Lucas is on the Canal Zone side, and was segregated during the nasty old Canal Zone days, while San Pablo was called the "black cathedral." It is a very important church in the history of Anglicanism in Panamá. St. Christopher's, St. Matthew's, and San Juan were all started by church planters from St. Paul's.
This will be short post as it is almost midnight and I've got the Episcopal Church Women Convention Eucharist at 8:00 am tomorrow morning at the Cathdral. The Lovely Mona or even I may possibly post more photos tomorrow.

1. Iglesia San Pablo
2. Youth singing and moving
3. Some bass player and the clergy
4. Healing prayer


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Okey Padre, give it up...are you a Canon? I see you strumming with that gray colored shirt on...that's what Canons wear don't they?

Curious readers want to know.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, I wish we could have more of the lively worship that your pictures show. If I were there, I'd be clapping, and swaying, and maybe even something like dancing along with y'all.

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