Friday, February 09, 2007

ECW Convention

Yesterday the Lovely Mona and I were at the Cathedral for the Episcopal Church Women's Eucharist and then attended their convention for a few hours. I spent most of the afternoon working on the bulletin for Sunday's Eucharist. Today we have workshops all day and I will be finishing up stuff for Saturday and Sunday. So, unless the Lovely Mona posts, it will be quite sparse around here.
Here are some photos from yesterday's activities.
And, No, Leonardo, I am not a Canon. In Panama we all wear whatever color shirt (except purple, of course) seems good, or, in my case, whatever is clean.

1. ECW banners
2. Bishop Murray blessing the UTO offerings
3. A delegate from Changinola, Bocas del Toro province
4. A group from St. Christopher's with Yours Truly, Padre Carlos Austin, and Milford Penado
5. St. Christopher's delegates
6. A shot of the Hall


The Lovely Mona said...

I just wanted to add that the beautiful vestments the Bishop is wearing are new and given to him by St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

The dress the woman from Bocas is wearing is a style they wear to West Indian programs. Isn't it beautiful? I love the hat.

The table where Padre Mickey is posing at is the visitors table. St. Christopher's always has a lot of visitors at these functions.

Mary Sue said...

I had to do a doubletake from foto 4 because it looked like las madrinas de mi iglesia.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think the other man in the Gray shirt visited us in Puerto he a Canon?...anyhow this Panamanian Padre guy was quite the uplifting speaker with a great, deep voice...preacher amongst thee!

Someone else must be a Canon over there who is the friend of Dean (oh my gosh David "something" Flores) in Puerto Rico...he once spoke about a friend from "school" being the Dean at our Cathedral Church in Panama (during one of his homilies...that's a whole nother reflection)? Am I losing *it*?...anyway, Padre Mickey and Lovely Mona thank you for the lovely may not realize it but your parish family looks like their (maybe) West Indies relatives and attendees of the biggest English Mass (11:00) at the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista where I was once a member in "good standing" (third row, left end seat, center)...after Bishop Tutu arrived we NEVER looked back (at almost anything mean, hurtful or demeaning against any of us 'little ol' suffer'n human beings)!


We Sang (hauntingly) the Lords Prayer at San Juan Bautista every Sunday...that is one of the things I miss most...singing with that great congregation/choir/organist remakes me fill up...maybe I should innovate change at the valley of the Maya Goddess of Weaving and try and remember how it "goes"...I can do it I think.


Leonardo Ricardo

MadPriest said...

You always seem to be surrounded by beautiful black ladies of a certain age.
Nothing wrong with that - just an observation.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bishop Murrays vestments are gorgeous...he looks like a very dignified and handsome kind of a Bishop he right, left or middle when believing/preaching about people like me?

Anonymous said...

To Leonardo Ricardo. To the right with typical macho homophobia. Travels the world while too many people in Panama are dying of HIV-AIDS.

Padre Mickey said...

"anonymous" I am the only person who will see this comment, as most people don't post comments on posts which are over six months old.

I've got your ip number; let's think before we post anonymous comments about the bishop.

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