Friday, March 16, 2007

And Now... Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

1. Clack-clack Clack-clack Clack-clack

2. What's that sound?

3. CLACK-clack CLACK-clack CLACK-clack

4. ¿Shriek? ¿SHRIIEEK?




Caminante said...

Huh, as a relative newcomer here, who the heck is Diabolito Sucio (yes, I know what it means in español)? A new character or one that has appeared before and I just missed? Or is this Diabolito meant to represent all the people ticked about what happened with the consents to SC's election? In any event, 'ems are impressive dientes para morder.

Padre Mickey said...

It's a Panamanian thang. Diablito Sucios chase people around during Cuaresma, especially during Holy Week. They move in a kind of step-stop-step-stop rhythm and make a clacking sound as they come after you.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

But, but, he answered, "I've recognized the very same Diablito Sucio and his spouce dona Diblita Sucia as they were here this very week (nobody actually saw them in person because they are spooky kooks)...some of the villagers actually cleansed tainted areas with the special spirit of the spiritual heavy-duty spirit stuff after the clanking sound of Air Force uno y dos faded into the after image of rampant stupidity, hurtfulness and deadly greed."

No, I haven't been nipping in the extra pica sauce in my brand new refrigerator, but I did wait up for the Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging...I've got an addictive personality ya know.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, you're turning this into an art form.

Juanuchis said...

This is hilarious ... and quite surreal in a way. I'll have to ask David & Luis is there's anything similar in Colombia.

Luiz Coelho said...

Mr. Peanut never loses his style, even running from a diablito sucio.


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