Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Blogs

Jane Redmont's blog, Acts Of Hope, is only two weeks old. It is a great read, and her post today about the Anglican delegates to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women reaction to the Primate's Communiqué is an important post. Jane and I share an aquaintance, Dr. Jenny Te Paa. Jane was in Berkeley at the GTU and is a displaced Berkeley type, just like the Lovely Mona and Padre (Padre did his M.A. at the GTU).

Speaking of Berkeley, Charlotte, who attends the church which la Familia Dresbach attended (and is still frequented by the Worlds Most Beautiful Granddaughter and her parents), has a great blog, Berkeley Farm Girl, which I enjoy reading, too. She's a bit behind in her posting at the moment, but I always enjoy her writing. She also has a food blog.

Padre says, "Check it out!"


Jane R said...

Why, Padre Mickey, how sweet! Thank you. Same to you, love the photos on your blog. And I was affiliated with CDSP (was the Bogard Teaching Fellow there my next to last year in Berkeley) once I jumped ship to the Episcopal Church -- though I also stayed affiliated with JSTB (that's Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley to you happy non-jargon-speakers, and now I'll stop already with the initials) during my doctoral time in the long, long, long Ph.D. program. Let's change the subject now :-b.

Seriously, I have started reading your blog regularly -- discovered it via MadPriest I think! (But I'm also a friend of Richard's, as in "Caught by the Light"). And was delighted to learn of Jennifer B-B's blog, which I hadn't discovered. (We overlapped at CDSP when she was on staff there.)

Lenten blessings and greetings from El Norte (sort of -- the not- too-far-South Southeast of El Norte) to you and la familia and the beloved hermanas y hermanos. I'll keep visiting the Dance Party now and again. And as you see, it's been linked to my blog since day one.

Luiz Coelho said...



Jane R said...

Luiz darling, I think you're fab too. (I know, you shrieked about the marvelous Jennifer's food blog, not mine ;-))

(I post once in a blue moon at MadPriest, under one of my pseudonyms but mostly I read, when I have time.)

Hugs and saudades,

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Padre. I have a goal to update both BFG and Love and Cooking (and my LJ so my friends don't start worrying) at least once a week (now that I have been assimilated by the Google borg).

If you were the one who sent your old seminary buddy Sean over to us, thanks. He and his family have been a great addition to the parish. (Small world, no?)

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