Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday at the Hogar

Yesterday I worked with Sinilda and a new girl, Estefani. Estefani is nine and in the first grade. We practiced the writing they have been doing in school and then we played “Go Fish” with the new cards I bought. Rosa Mari joined in and helped the other two with their letters. This is really saying something for Rosa because she’s in special ed.

Photo 1: Rosa is showing her card to one of the girls. I have them show the card they’re asking for so everyone can see the letters especially since they don’t know them yet.

Photo 2 is Sinilda and Estefani playing “Go Fish”. Sinilda is hiding her face. The cards seem to disappear into the white table. That’s Johana and Enibeth in the background.

Photo 3: Enibeth and Johana are working on a project for school together while Estefani watches. Enibeth kept coming up to me with words in English that she cut out of a magizine and asking me what they meant. They were 'water', 'new', and 'wagon.' It was really cute.

Photo 4: Every Monday they get clean sheets. Each girl is responsible for making her own bed. Here’s Enibeth making her bed.

For more info on the new girls at the Hogar, check out Tia Sue’s blog.


Eileen said...

Thanks Mona! I enjoy seeing the fotos of the girls, and the results of the good work you are doing with them at the Hogar.


beyond the dimensions said...

Thanks for your blogging here! This is an important mission.

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