Thursday, March 01, 2007

What Is Dividing The Anglican Communion?

Revdo. Francisco de Assis da Silva, Secretary General of the Anglican Church in Brasil, has written an article answering the question above. You may read it here. Another voice from the Global Center


Xico said...

Dear father
Thank you for your effort to share my post with your friends.
May God strengthen us in this way!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Canon Xico,

Perfect word..."coercison"...thank you for sharing your seems their couldn't be a less likely setting for "coercison" than the Primates sharing communion together at a Cathedral in Zanzibar built on the site of a SLAVE trading post...yet, "discrimination and coercison" were used by some of the Primates who refused the hospitality of INCLUSION in favor of beating more souls into submission at the Body of Christ.

I See You!

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