Thursday, March 01, 2007

Freakin' Mono-lingual Communion!

What are the major languages in the Anglican Communion? I believe they are English, Spanish, and French. Now, I understand that "Anglican" has to do with "English," and that is why everything is published in that language, but the Anglican Communion is always bragging about being a world-wide communion and one of the realities of this world-wide thang is that many members speak español. So why can't I find a copy of the Primates' Communiqué en español? Why was only the only part of the Windsor report published in español Section D? I'm in a bilingual parish and I need materials in both languages! It is my personal belief that if the dang Anglican Communion is so proud of being a world-wide communion it should pay attention to the fact that it is a multi-lingual communion. If ya wants people to know wtf is going on, ya gotta speak to them in their own language! The controversies in the AC need to be discussed and understood by everyone, not just English-speakers.

Here Endeth The Rant
Thanks be to God

And the Rant Begins Again
No, Please, Lord!

And what about Brazilian Portugese? And Japanese? And Korean? And Tagalog and all those languages in the Philippines? I understand that there are some 80 languages or so spoken in the Church in Papau New Guinea! What about Swahili and other African languages? Materials should be available in all the languages spoken in the Anglican Communion. I come from California, the land of the Big Freakin' Voter Handbook with materials printed in several languages, so it makes sense to me. And Grandmère Mimi is right; some of the translations of the U.S. BCP are a bit wanting in places, but at least it's available in several languages.
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Grandmère Mimi said...

Go, Padre Mickey, go! I couldn't agree more.

I have heard that the translations of the BCP are not always the best, either. What's your take on the translations?

Rev. Kurt said...

It is such a terrible document, they didn't want to share it with the rest of the communion. My 2 cents...

Grandmère Mimi said...

Rev. Kurt, you must be right. Can't say I blame them.

KJ said...

Padre, but how do you really feel?

I See You!

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