Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Walk To Church With Padre Mickey - The Sequel

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Today I took a different route to the church as I wanted to take photos of some interesting traffic signs which I will use in another post some time. Down the street and around the corner there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin, standing in the middle of the street. It looks like she's in a cage, as some bad people might steal her and paint her like a clown. We don't put up with that kind of stuff around here! I think she has eyes like an anime character!

Photo 3 is a shot of our local baseball field. Baseball season is in high swing right now. I don't care for sports so I don't keep up.

People have been dismantling this house next door to the parish. We wanted to purchase it but don't have the cash, so Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal, the school across the street, have purchased it (keeping it in the family!), but scavengers have been tearing the place apart. I'm worried that it will collapse on the board thieves.

The last photo is a shot of a dismantler with his wheel barrow.

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