Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This morning I was standing in the shower (where I do my best thinking), contemplating a post I had read over at Titus1:9 about the twenty bishops consecrated by Archbishop Akinola and his posse. It seems to me that he is working hard to stack the deck and win "Most Bishops From The Blessed Global South" Award at Lambeth next year. Perhaps he believes that, through force of numbers he will be named Most Holy Pope of Anglicanism and move into Lambeth Palace. The Divine Sarah Dylan Breuer has a great post on the subject and about retired Bishop Bena moving to Nigeria (well, not physically, although I think that might be a good idea).

I was thinking about a post the wonderful Mary Sue had put up last week, how maybe we should get rid of all the bishops, which appealed to me on one level. The Archbishop of Nigeria wants more bishops while some in the decadent West are considering fewer bishops.

This morning I read this post at the Daily Episcopalian about nominations for Bishop of Nevada, and Canon Naughton asked for suggestions of which bloggers would make great bishops.

I'm a bit naïve when it comes to Church Politics, but I was really surprised when I learned that people actually submit their own names for nomination as bishop. I thought that perhaps the Nominating Committees went about investigating names submitted by others or following up leads they had heard from folks. I really think that anyone who wants to be a bishop probably shouldn't be a bishop, but I guess if one believes they are called to the episcopate, they might as well submit their own name.

Wadda ya'll think 'bout dis bishop thang?


Grandmère Mimi said...

No to more of them.

On second thought, perhaps Bishop Katharine could do a big consecration of bishop that would include only gay and lesbian bishops and those sympathetic to the cause of inclusion to stack the deck right back. That should get things going.

Padre, I think you would make an excellent bishop. Shall I submit your name for the Nevada post?

Padre Mickey said...

Bishops nowadays are Administrators, and I'm a terrible administrator. I can't be a bishop in Nevada because I can't fly a plane and it would cut into my blogging time.

PseudoPiskie said...

We don't know yet but I suspect several priests in our diocese submitted their names for bishop. We'd have a bit of a betting game going on but we would all put our money on the same guy. Can't wait for the walkabouts in May. Will be shocked if any of the candidates are from elsewhere. Nobody would want the job unless... hmmm...

Fr. John said...


I'm not of the school that people who want to be a bishop shouldn't be. Would you want a rector who didn't really want to be rector? We act as if bishops are bad things, rather like lawyers; and who would want to be one of those?

Until, of course, we need a lawyer, then we hope for a good one who is committed to her work.

I have no problem with people throwing their hat in the ring for bishop; hopefully, they have done so with the feedback of others. At any rate, there is a plenty of time for discernment and many hoops to jump through. Whether one is willing to admit it or not, one must WANT to be a bishop to go through it all.

Padre Mickey said...

Some very good points, Fr. John. Maybe what I want is someone who doesn't seek the office but will accept it after some discernment.

Here in Panama the candidates actually campaign like a political campaign. They issue policy papers and have 8 x 10 glossies and even appear together in a kind of debate format.

I like the "Let's make Ambrose bishop!" kinda thing.

Ellie Finlay said...

We're in the search process for bishop here in Oklahoma. Four priests to my knowledge (there may have been more) from within the diocese threw their hats in the ring and I would have been happy to serve under each of them. Unfortunately, none made the short list. I'm not terribly impressed with those who did.One gets the idea that they "applied" as well. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Our election is in May.

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