Monday, March 12, 2007

Stuff I take to the Hogar

It’s the first day of school so I didn’t go to the Hogar today. The director told me it’s usually crazy because they’re trying to get everything ready, look their best and all the excitement is just too much. So, I thought I would show you what I bring with me to the Hogar each week. The first picture is everything I put in my bags. I have a large Sol de la India tote bag I got from Jo Ann Lee when she and Betty Jo Dulaney stayed with us last year. It carries everything you see on the table.

Picture 2 shows a close-up of some of the books and the new cards I bought. I couldn’t resist them. The girls love to play “Go Fish” and these will be great for letters. All the cards are beautifully designed and great for learning to tell time, count, learn shapes, colors, the alphabet and about some animals. The best thing about them is they’re bilingual.

Picture 3 continues to show more books that I use. The cards at the bottom were given to me by my daughter Anne. She used them when she lived with us and went to the Hogar all the time. I use them all the time.

Picture 4 shows more books, the inside of a couple of workbooks I bought, and the stickers I give out when I’m ready to leave. Unfortunately, they don’t stick anymore. The kids still want them, so I give them away.

The boys found out I was taking photos, so picture 5 is them checking out the books.

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