Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Random Top Ten

1. Monkey Man The Specials
2. Eighth Tune for Archbishop Parker's Psalter (Tallis' Canon) Theatre Of Voices
3. Angel Band (My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast) Anonymous 4
4. In The Darkest Place Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach
5. Mansion On The Hill Neil Young and Crazy Horse
6. What Do I Get? Buzzcocks
7. Lucky Radiohead
8. Mother Nature's Son The Beatles
9. Yahooo!! The Frontier Wives
10. Let It Loose Rolling Stones

I'm hoping the Stones make up for the Beatles on this list in MadPriest's book. The Frontier Wives were a part of the Petroleum By-Products Stable of Stars, of which A Cruel Hoax were also members. We used to do shows all over the place. We did a show in Chico, California and since the Frontier Wives' bassist was only 18 at the time, they were not allowed any alcohol on stage. In a great show of solidarity, A Cruel Hoax and the Social Club also declined any alcohol that night. We all drank coffee instead, and the sets got faster and faster all night! It was crazy wired, man!!!


Mary Sue said...

Chico State representin'!

Padre Mickey said...

Somehow I'm not surprised by this revelation, Mary Sue!

I See You!

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