Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday at the Hogar

Now that school is on, I will be working with whoever needs help with homework. Yesterday, that was Eveliana and Dona. I used to work regularly with them a couple of years ago when they first came to the hogar. For those of you who have seen “Windows on Missions,” Dona is the girl reading English to me. Yesterday, both of them wanted me to help them with their English homework. Eveliana had 4 short sentences to learn and Dona was learning the words for family members for a test. They’re not as shy about saying the words in English like they were before.

Foto 1 is of Eveliana after she went back to her desk. She’s pretty shy and usually turns away when I take fotos.

Foto 2 is Dona writing the words I’m dictating to her as Estefeni looks on. First I help her define words like “cousin” and “daughter.” I gave her a couple of spelling tips after the first dictation. She’s really bright and spelled each word perfectly during the second dictation.

Foto 3 is the gang playing “Go Fish.” Sinilda and Estefani anxiously hung around me until I was free. They didn’t have any homework, but wanted to play. Of course, we went through the alphabet first. As you can see by the photo we were joined by others. I love this foto because Sinilda is smiling, something she rarely does in other fotos. I also love Enibeth’s smile. At the left you can see a new 5-year-old.

Foto 4 is when we had less kids, but I love the way Rosa Mari is peeking behind the pillar.

Foto 5 is Estefani, Sol, and Sinilda in their school uniforms. They hadn’t had a chance to fixed their hair when I called them over for the photo.

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