Monday, March 05, 2007

Summer Is Ending

Kids started back to school today, which means that the rains will be here any day now. It seems that the rains always return the week the kids start school. It was a low Sunday yesterday as many people wanted to spend the last Sunday of Summer en la playa con la familia. But the real sign that Summer is ending is the sighting of the first mangos. These are on the tree across the street from our house.


Mary Sue said...

Padre, the song my brain was trying to mash with Phos Hilaron was Beast of Burden.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I don't quite "get it"...I realize you're a tad further Southish than yo but our rainyseason starts end-April (although it drizzled a little yesterday which was a shocker)...Semana Santa is HIGH SUMMER (but not humid like Puerto Rico) around these parts!

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