Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Word From The Management

Cute Lil' Bunny returns to deliver a razzberry in an inoffensive manner, of course
The Mission Personnel Office of TEC are good folks and send us magazines and a great collection of everyone's newsletters. This month they sent us a list of all the blogs and websites for Appointed Missionaries, Volunteers for Mission, and those serving with the Young Adult Service Corp. The most recent (well, it's the latest one I've received) edition of the Mission Personnel Notes contained the following: Thank you for sending us your blog and website addresses. It is wonderful to read of your mission experience as you live it on a daily basis. Please keep up the good work. The Mission Personnel Office would like to remind you however, to be sensitive of the contents as your narratives are public access. What may be funny to one may be offensive to another; especially when comparing cultures, customs, etc. Remember the old saying: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. To honor this request, I'm shutting down the Dance Party. No, not really; bad joke What may be funny to one may be offensive to another. Actually, in honor of this request and the direction of the Lovely Mona, the following words and phrases will no longer be used at Padre Mickey's Dance Party Your Source For Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank And Gallito Mescalito Blogging!:
"Wank" (in all its forms, including Wankel Rotary Engine)
"Boink" (in all its forms)
"Bite me, Big Pete!"
"¡No me jo**s¡ ¡Lo sé Tai Chi!"
"Heavens! Those Global South types sure are bossy!"
and, finally
Thank you for your time.


Luiz Coelho said...

Can you still say ¿Chuletas?

I hope you can...

Padre Mickey said...

We can still say ¡Chuletas! y ¡Miércoles!

Jane R said...

¡Ay de mi! ¿What next? Will they keep the bunny from sticking out its tongue?

elisa - italia said...

Ciao Padre Mickey
volevo farti i complimenti hai un sito bellissimo un abbraccio dall'Italia

Dear Padre Mickey
Congratulations on a beautiful website
Loved everything on your site and you did a magnificent job. You should be proud of yourself
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Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, I am laughing. I hope it's funny and not really, really serious.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

Always prepared to set up a Scottish mirror site for ye. We could call it "Wee Mikey's Ceilidh" and you could like pretend to be Scottish, eat poor food, complain about your neighbour having bought his council house and 'gettin' above his station' but in reality you'd be the same person and posting all of those things that the TEC Mission folks would rather that you kept shtum about.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Did you see over at Fr. Matthew Moretz/St. Pauls, Yonkers...there is a relative of our Gallito? No wonder I like Fr. Matthew, he's probably a soul pal of our Padre Mickey:

http://www.youtube.com/profile? u...r=FatherMatthew

Eileen said...

What about crapique? Can we say crapique????

Padre Mickey said...

No, you can't say crapique! Go wash your mouth out with soap! And you a mother!!

Eileen said...


Now I won't be cra...able to speak...crahhhhhhp....

I CAN'T DO it!
Crapique, crapique, crapique!!!!

I See You!

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