Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's All Making Sense!

It appears that this Khalid Shaikh Mohammed fella has also confessed to convincing Bishop Pike that the concept of the Trinity was a bunch of twaddle, giving Bishop Spong all his ideas, talking Margaret Thatcher into choosing Bishop Carey as ABC, was instrumental in the election and consecration of Bishop Robinson in New Hampshire. I understand that he is probably behind the whole Lay-presidency controversy down under. I understand that he has also confessed to advising Bishop Schofield, Archbishop Akinola, and told the folks in Virginia how cool it would be to join up with the Nigerians. The only problem, from what I understand, is that he begins each confession with: "Ow! Stop it! For God's sake, stop it! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! IT HURTS! Okay, sob I did it. I confess that I _____________."Thank God for American justice! God bless George Bush and Alberto Gonzales!

UPDATE!! Now Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has confessed to killing JFK, RFK, Nicole Simpson, and starting Global Climate change. Wait, KSM has confessed to outing Valerie Plame to Vice-president Cheney and Scooter Libbey, AND he told Cheney to shoot that old guy in the face. PMDP News Service will keep you up-dated as information comes in....

UPDATE @ 5:17 EST KSM has just confessed to talking ++KJS into declaring the election of the Rev. Mark Lawrence null and void. De be goin' crazy at Kendall's place.....


Anonymous said...

We will see terrorism and crime come to a virtual halt, and orthodox Christianity rise from the ashes all around the world with the detention of this dangerous man

Grandmère Mimi

Juanuchis said...

Well, at least he can be ruled out as the father of Anna Nicole's baby.

I think.

Saint Pat said...

He also confessed to the voting-machine diddling in 2000 elections. Oh, yes, and the horrid conditions in VA hospitals.

johnieb said...

I stand with all the sentiments expressed, but it's too hard for me to join in the fun. I took MP's word that there's something here worth a giggle, and I'm sure for most of my friends, virtual and not, that it might well be.

I was an Interrogator in Vietnam, and have PTSD as a result; no, not from that, but from the guilt and grief of having been there at all, and having seen all that was lost, as it was lost, knowing all the while that it was being done for nothing, and worse than nothing.

And now, I watch how bad "worse than nothing" is "on the ground", as some who have never been on that ground like to put it, from the sidelines, and talk to my sisters and brothers in arms coming back all fucked up, from being abused by the most corrupt and incompetent government in American history, (which I taught, BTW), I watch how bad fucked up can get, and no one will stand up to this troublesome president and say "That's just wrong, and I'm not going along!", because they're all afraid and ashamed of going along in the first place.

And I want to say, "Good God, people! It's just fear; suck it up and move!"

I'm at the point of feeling this Lent in my bones, I guess; it is panting at the gates, perhaps at the door, and the winds howl from Nigeria & Iraq & DC, across the glistening snow. But it is with Resurrection bricks that my little house is built--thanks be to God--and on this feast of the Resurrection day in Lent, AD 2007 or thereabouts, I am grateful for Liz's recovery from cancer, may it last for much time to come, and will croak my praise as best I may: praise Jesus, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and forever.

I See You!

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