Saturday, March 10, 2007

Padre Recommends

Ellie Finlay has a very nice blog at Child of Illusion. She does some great political commentary and her religious stuff is wonderful, too.
Padre says, "Check it out!"


Ellie Finlay said...

Hi, Padre Mickey! Thanks for visiting Child of Illusion and for the really nice recommendation here. That was quite a nice surprise!

I might also add that I have a meditation blog too:

I enjoyed your blog, too. The pictures are just gorgeous.

I especially liked your posting,

Aghaveagh said...

OK, about Thecla and the seals... we find out later that Thecla is tossed into the water with the "killer seals":

"So then she threw herself into the water in the name of Jesus Christ, but the seals, seeing the light of a lighting flash, floated dead on the surface."

BUT she asked for it earlier:

And Thecla said, "Only give me the seal in Christ, and temptation will not touch me."

(Acts of Thecla, 25)

tee hee...

PS I met you when you came to Holy Family for morning prayer...

Jane R said...

Thanks, Mickey -- and Ellie. Great blog.

Jane about to go on the road (see my blog for how I feel about THAT)...

MadPriest said...

Ellie's blog is the bomb Padre. I think she introduced me to the neighbourhood. She is one cool hermit and kicks ass for Jesus.

She just gets respect, no argument. Anyone upsets her they get thumped. It's that simple.

Check out Clyde at Opinionated Old Fart if you have not done so already. Another one of the old skool dudes.

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