Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yesterday at St. Christopher's Parish

As I have mentioned before, we at St. Christopher's hold classes to help give people in the community employable skills. We hope that they will get jobs or even open their own businesses. We have been receiving financial help from Caribbean Ministries in New York, and we are very grateful for their interest in our programs.
Yesterday was the Closura, or graduation for our most recent class on making Bocadillos or Appetizers for catering. Twenty people received their certificados yesterday! Thanks to Fr. Bob Hamlyn and Caribbean Ministries for their help.

Photo 1
Table of Bocadillos
Photo 2
A Lovely Display
Photo 3
Más Bocadillos
Photo 4
Graduates and families
Photo 5
The Expectant Crowd
Photo 6
Ms. Katalina Linton's dashiki dress
Photo 7
Mrs. Dolores Scotland awards a certificate to Mrs. Theresa Braithwaite

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Jane R said...


Congratulations to all the graduates from Tia Juanita in Carolina del Norte.

That does it, I'm coming to visit. So what if our companion diocese is Costa Rica? When I go, I'm bopping over your way. Consider yourself warned. Get the bocadillos ready. (You have time, it won't be this year probably.)

I See You!

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