Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worst President (and administration) Ever!!!

Can you believe this?
I'll bet the members of this administration spent their childhoods with homework-eating pets, too.

I believe that Freedom Tickles were probably used on José Padilla.

And that is why something like this is required.



Caminante said...

Can you say or spell, 'Richard Nixon redux'? It does not surprise me one iota.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, it's true. Sunday is "market day" in my tiny village and I went to buy some vegetables...I was with a "Americana" lady visiting me from Chicago and my dear, and new, friend Juan Carlos...right in the center of our market (it's not as if I'm a stranger) one of the men yelled a vile reference to Bush as we passed by...what he found out immediately as we turned around laughing was that we agreed and added to his insults...we had the entire market, around two hundred indigenous, rolling around with laughter because WE thought that Bush is a liar, thief, dangerous criminal and stupid man who is the devil!

Bush is despised amongst the people in Central America (except for the wealthy patrons and they think he is stupid too).

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