Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging

Introducing Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy y Señor Manantial!

Fóto 1
Señor Manantial: ¡Hola Gallito Mescalito! ¿Cómo estás?
Gallito Mescalito: ¡Shriek!
Señor Manantial: ¡Qué bueno!

Fóto 2
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy: Hey, you, freaked out Rooster! Waddya doin' buggin' da guy at da well?
Gallito Mescalito: ¿Shriek?
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy: Ya tryin' ta steal my watah? Is dat it?
Gallito Mescalito: ¡¡Shriieek!!
Señor Manantial:¡Chuletas!

Fóto 3
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Pardon me, Gallito Mescalito; is this squeaky rubber-toy giving you trouble?
Gallito Mescalito: ¡Shriieek! ¡Shriek-shriek!
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy: Shaddap, ya big weird red legume! Who asked ya, anyhoo? Dis ain't none of yer business, so clam-up, whydontcha?
Señor Manantial: ¡Miércoles!

Fóto 4
Red Mr. Peanut Bank: Come, Gallito; we don't need to put up with such rudeness!
Gallito Mescalito: Shriek-shriek-shriek-shriek. ¡¡Shriek-shriek!!
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy: Yeah, run ya big chickens, er, ya big rooster and yer big red top-hat wearing dorky friend! Tryin' ta steal our watah!! Get lost!!
Señor Manantial: ¡Ciao!

Fóto 5
Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy: Waddya 'spect me ta do?


Luiz Coelho said...


Grandmère Mimi said...

Who knew that you had such a talent for comedy script writing?

Anonymous said...

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Chompy's Chewed-up Squeaky Kitty Toy

WOW! I will never stop being amazed by your imagination Padre Mickey...the really scary part is that I "get it" all perfectly! Not the tinest revealation of the peculiar goes unnoticed by me. You sorta penetrate the "insane" side/section of my brain with fantasy scenarios that make great sense to me!

All this and heaven too.

Your pal,

Leonardo (who just finished a seven foot by three foot vertical/tall painting of San Miguel, Archangel Peligroso...I felt I needed him in my "Great Room/Sala/Gallery" with Akinola,Orombi and Bush running riot throughout humanity).

Juanuchis said...

Aha y tu que?

I See You!

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