Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Before This Turns Into Something More Than It Is...

The post "A Word From The Management" is my attempt at a joke. I'm not being repressed by the Mission Personnel Office. I actually like everyone there and am grateful for their work on behalf of all missionaries in the field. The Lovely Mona and I had a discussion the other day about some of my word choices (she felt that my use of the word "boinking" during a lecture at the parish was innappropriate) combined with the paragraph about humour from the Home Office led to my attempt at a joke which may give folks the wrong idea. I am not being censored. I apologize for giving the wrong impression. Margaret, David, Yanick, Rebecca and Michelle are great people.


KJ said...

Perhaps when you wish to use an inappropriate word, you could create a link to that word over at MadPriest's. There are plenty from which to choose.

Luiz Coelho said...

Of course, Mickey+!

We know the Lovely Mona is the person in charge... of everything (including the Missions Office).

Mona rulez!


Saint Pat said...

"Boinking?" What's wrong with the word "boinking?"

Next they'll be telling me my vocabulary needs improving.

KJ said...

Well, Pat, I've been meaning to say something.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

So padre,

What are we to do with the money we raised for you at the Fellowship Brunch on Sunday. Finally, I thought, an oppressed person I actually know! Not some face on a poster or fuzzy video with a sobbing Sally Struthers voiceover. We even printed posters of the poor missionary being boinked by his evil superiors.

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