Thursday, March 01, 2007

¡Pandamania from Padre en Panama!

Lemme tell ya, I've been a bit bummed out this week. Reading the news on the war in Iraq depresses me, reading about the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital depresses me, reading about a kid dying because he couldn't get a dental check-up depresses me. Reading about the stuff going on in the Anglican Communion bums me out. Reading about Grandmère Mimi's family dispute saddens me, reading about MadPriest's computer death saddens me, Fr. Jake going into silence saddens me, and reading about Eileen's day today bummed me out, too. And it's Lent, the happiest time of the year!!!

So, since I haven't posted any cute animal pictures in a while, it's ¡¡¡¡PANDAMANIA FROM PANAMA!!!! Maybe this'll cheer me up...

I've been finding this photos for months; I don't remember where they came from!


Mary Sue said...


Pictures of my Panda

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think you ate my post...because "Tu solicitud no ha podido procesarse. Por favor intentalo de nuevo."

Well, the best part of my post was that you always improve my desposition and I wish I could do something for you...maybe, just thoughts of Padamanian Pandamonia dancing in my head will help.

Blessings to you!

Hail the Spartans!

Padre Mickey said...

Don't worry, Leonardo, them pandas being workin' jest like I thought they would!

And thanks for that pandaphoto, Mary Sue!

Grandmère Mimi said...

AWWW. Too cute. They're real spirit-lifters.

I went to my Alpha meeting tonight after Evensong. If you want a one-word description - dull. Even the discussion was dull. I dunno; if one has no knowledge of the faith, it might be helpful. I tried to go with an open mind and heart, too.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I did not put the "dull" label on Alpha in my post on my blog today, because, just in case some other members of the group like the series and read my blog, I don't want to sow seeds of discontent.

Eileen said...

((((Padre)))) I luf the Pandas!

And, it's new day. We got a used vehicle for hubby, my son had a great basketball game today, and I got to see my sil this weekend, whom I luf and haven't seen since July. Life is good. Pandas, especially rolly-poly ones, make it much, much better!

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