Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And Here's A Picture For MadPriest

I found both of these album covers at Princess Sparkle Pony's Wonderful Blog

I think the price is a little steep, but there she is, the one who turned so many people gay. You can see her at work in that album cover; there is only one little boy, and look at how he is dressed. Wait, he looks just like my brother and I did in those days. We even had that terrible haircut!! Well, thank God I never heard Little Marcy in those days. We were listening to the Children's Bible Hour, with its stories of children dying terrible deaths after ignoring the Altar Call at Church.

Now, think about it. Wouldn't you prefer that I tell stories about the martyrs rather than torture you with album covers from my evangelical, pentecostal, just-short-of-snake-handling childhood?


Anonymous said...

and just whoms may I ask gave you permission to use that picture of me on Marcy Sings cover? Marcy has been at the Happy Hunting Ground for years but assured me before she "departed" that we would never be molested in "public domain!"

I object to being portrayed as I really am!

Anonymous said...

why does this sucker work when I'm anonymous? I get rejected as my trueself...I swear it's figured me out!


Anonymous said...

This commenter machine hates LGBT people!

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