Friday, December 15, 2006

¡That Does It!

Well, I guess I have finally reached my limit. The recent proclamations coming out of Tanzania and Uganda have stretched me to my breaking point. I was trying to be tolerant and all, but the stuff they have been posting is just total b**s**t. If they don't want to be in communion with the likes of me and the people for whom I care, then tough s**t. I'll bet that every GLBT person I know is a better Christian and a hell of a lot less judgmental than they. If I have to make a decision between people like Leonardo, Luiz, Jessie, Marlene, and all the other GLBT people I know and love and the bishops of the Global South, well, I'll stick with those I love and love me before I'll align myself with those self-rightous wankers! You know, the best think about this blog is that I will never have to worry about being elected bishop ANYWHERE!! ¡Gracias a Dios!


Anonymous said...

I am a United Methodist pastor, who has many gay friends and relatives.

It is my guess, that those who are rabid about the gay issue have some dark secrets, they have not dealt with? I, too, will never be a bishop, and will choose my gay friends over the power brokers any day!

Padre Mickey said...

Bienvenidos, Dave.
Thanks for your comment. I agree with you totally.

Caminante said...

Well, P. Mickey, I am one of 'those' people, too. So I am glad to have compañeros en la lucha como ud. Siguemos adelante y muchas bendiciones con su reunión mañana con el obispo. Tenemos a un buen compañero en Obispo Martín.

And you know what? The people of my congregation, with whom I have walked over 12 years, love both my compa and me and just want to know that God loves them and I do, too (which I do and they know it).

But you already know these things to be true.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a little holding of head a little higher...thank you for your kind words of friendship Padre Mickey...

It is one thing for me to "understand" clearly other peoples point-of-fear/hate against people like me and it is yet another for me to "play pretend" I didn't hear them.

No more pretend and Akinola/Orombi and other hate-mongers are simply unfortunate cowards in a world of despostic duppers and ignoramousouses (I love that word) who HARM, HUMILIATE, INJUR and/or KILL LGBT Christians while preaching CHRISTS LOVE!

The *know* what they *do*...

Mil Gracias Padre and Dave Anónimo for your support of TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

They KNOW what they DO!

Hey, I think I finally got into this comment machine that has been rejecting my various brilliant stuff for days/daze!

Leonardo Ricardo

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, Dad! I'll always take those I love over that judgemental lot any day.

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