Monday, December 04, 2006

A New Blog About El Hogar de Niñas de las Capital

Photos by the Lovely Mona

A view of the Study Area, where Mona does her tutoring.

One of the ministries of the Iglesia Episcopal de Panamá is el Hogar de Niñas de las Capital, a home for girls in Las Cumbres, a community just outside of Panama City and the former Canal Zone (La Zona). I believe the Home has was started some eighty or so years ago. Sue Williams, an Appointed Missionary from the Diocese of Pennsylvania, serves at the Hogar. Tía Sue, as she is called by the girls and, well, pretty much everyone, is a dear friend and part of our extended family here in Panamá (which means we see her at all major holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Passover, Easter, just like your Aunt Sue) and we usually see her on the Saturdays when I help out at Iglesia San Simón. She has started her own blog, which you can see here. This really is a weblog, and she shares stories of the everyday life of the girls at the Home. Padre Mickey says, “Check it out!” Mona volunteers as a tutor at el Hogar on Mondays, and she took these fótos today.

A group of girls doing their homework.

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