Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hooray for Bishop Andrus!!

The Bishop of California really understands justice!!

From the AP:

...The Rt. Rev. Mark Handley Andrus was arrested Thursday for blocking the entrance to the San Francisco federal building. He was among about 200 protesters who had marched from Grace Cathedral as part of a weekly anti-war rally that has been held for about five years.

Federal Protective Service officers arrested 11 other protesters for blocking the door, and all were cited and released.

"God is with all who have suffered in Iraq," the bishop, wearing his purple robe and carrying a shepherd's staff, said. "This war needs to be opposed. Even though there is widespread sentiment against the war, we need to continue to push for peace."

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bravo Bishop Mark!

BTW, what have we heard from the President "who thinks he can?" Is he still huffing and puffing about "staying the course" and demoralizing the integrity of the United States while driving it into financial ruin?

I still can't get the afterimage of Bush standing in front of that three story bust of Chairman Ho Chi Minh while smiling that insipid, yet deadly to others, smile of his. I may go to my grave with that little photo op (both of them) whirling through my mindseye thanks to Padre Mickey!

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