Thursday, December 07, 2006

'Tis The Season

The Enemies of Orthodoxy and their False God

Those of you in the know are well aware of MadPriest's recent campaign. No, not the "Make Everyone Gay By Listening To Little Marcy And Susie Moppet" campaign, but the "Kick Christmas Out Of Advent" campaign. I am joining this battle, because I believe that it is important to keep Our Seasons Pure. Last year there was a lot of noise coming from the United States from Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, some dork named Hannity, and other nasty pieces of work about a War Against Christmas. They claimed that saying "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" was a denial of Christmas and All That Is Sacred, like going in to debt to buy the latest electronic gadget as a means of celebrating the Incarnation. They are probably at it again, but we must be strong. Their candy-cane sucking, egg nogg slurping, "It's A Wonderful Life" watching hordes must be stopped! Christmas is several weeks away, and they are ruining Advent for We True Christians.* I am doing my part by going out late and night and stealing all the lights from my neighbors Christmas Displays. When Carolers stand out side your door singing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" respond with a rousing version of "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" (That should be interesting!). And when some salesclerk or co-worker or some other misguided person wishes you a "Merry Chistmas," respond with a hearty "Have a Blessed Advent, you stinking pagan!" We Must Be Vigilant!!

*Copyright 325, Council of Nicaea

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