Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Immigrant Song

Elderly readers of this blog may remember the Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin III. At the start of the song, Mr. Robert Plant kinds of yodels or hollers or makes some kind of painful noise (I realize that most of what he did was A Painful Noise, but work with me here), and I, an immigrant, understand his pain. Mona and I have been here in Panamá for over seven years, and we are in the process of renewing our visas. Normally we go to the Lawyer's Office, fill out forms, pay our fees, and spend maybe twenty minutes at Migración getting our pictures taken for our tarjeta. This year, Migración decided that we had to start the entire process over again, as if we had just come off the boat. In May, when our visas expired, we had to take a Migración Vacación to Costa Rica for a few days, and then enter Panamá on tourist visas. These are good for three months. Since we were going to the U.S. to see the new grandchild in July, we were told to get new tourist cards when we returned, and then we would begin the Visa Process. Well, we have been told that we need police reports from the U.S. because we were there for a month. I told the lawyer that we were visiting family and that I stayed at our "permanent address" for only two weeks, and that is the first time I have been there in three years. I don't know if there really is a police department in Lewiston, California, from which to get a police report. I'd probably have to go to Weaverville like you do for everything else in the Trinity Alps. Plus, one can't get police reports by mail, one must request them in person at the police station. I really can't afford to fly to California to satisfy some bureaucrat's strange request. They don't seem to want to budge on this one, and we are very frustrated. I guess they must think that we go on a crime spree everytime we return to California; how else can we pay for the trip? Well, you know what they say: "We come from the land of the ice and snow where the midnight sun and the hot springs BLOW."


Anonymous said...

I know that song, and I'm not that old.

It sucks that getting your visas is being so difficult. I am glad you came and visited us back in late July/August. Why do they need a police report? That sounds ridiculous.

Tia Sue said...


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I know, I know!

I just got my "good conduct" report from Puerto Rico (again)...what I do is have my lawyer request it (as official person for me) at the CENTRAL POLICE STATION in San Juan...then after a few days he receives it in the mail...then he Notorizes it (which makes no sense since it's already original/signed officially by the Chief of Police)...but the embossed seal and timbres add authenticity in Latin America and he DHL'ed it to me (letter/documents don't have to pass through heavy aduana. Police reports are run off on computers and are easy records to receive (at least they have been for me plus I'm clean as a whistle and always have been...17 years of active alcoholism never ensnared me even in a DWI).

Maybe this will help.

Anonymous said...

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