Friday, December 01, 2006

Clase de Adornos Navideños

Parroquia San Cristóbal offers various classes as one of our outreach programs. We are in a neighborhood with high unemployment, so we offer classes which teach skills which one can use to get a job or even start one´s own business. Most of our classes are cooking classes and our cake decorating class is very popular. We have offered classes on hair and cosmetics, a class on making furniture out of PVC pipe, and even a class on making vases, lamps, and furniture from corrugated cardboard (mostly old pizza boxes). Today was the "Graduation Ceremony" for el Clase de Adornos Navideños (Class of Christmas Decorations). The folks in this class really enjoy making this stuff, and they are able to sell it at a good price, from what I understand. I said the prayers and handed out the Certificates of Completion and really enjoyed seeing the pride the class has in its work. There was quite a bit of work on display, but I'll only share a few fótos here.

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