Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Map From Hell

I thought this map was going to be a banner on the side and then we would click and see where everyone was located (as if I didn't already know!), but instead it be actin' up and, well, we'll see how this works out. Thanks to Sue, Leonardo, and Anonymous (if that's your REAL name) for placing pins!


Tia Sue said...

Hey, Padremickey, this map has you in Panama City, Florida. This is cool.

Padre Mickey said...

Hola Tía Sue,
I moved my pin, but you're still in Washington D.C.;
I just saw you yesterday and I'm going to see you Monday, so I jest caint believe yer in Warshingtun.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I don't know how this worked but how did Archangel Violetta get on the front page? True, she is one no-nonsense angel, has five kids in just 43 years old, runs a tortilla making business, supervises the gardner (whom she hates because he was once her lazy boss elsewhere). Ramrods other workers (counts silverware, examines goblets for chips), loves doggies, supervises children on roadtrips (by bus) to other countries for band competition, knows everyone in my pueblo and cleans clocks (human and other) as well as rooms! She knows almost all of my recipes by heart and refuses to tell people what the ingrediants are when a grandma once going on twice...St.Violetta also carries 500lbs boxes of stuff (well maybe not 500) on her head and has hands like baseball gloves and is WONDERFUL and NEWSY and quite immaculate and pretty always...I know all the News in this Pueblo daily and every worker, plumber, carpenter and electrian respects her (and doesn't overcharge "gringo" me).

No, she won't work for you.

P.S. Did I screw the map up?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think I got it right...I simply must have "clicked" on Violettas (she's in pink) picture and it stuck on the front page instead of the map...whatever.

Padre Mickey said...

How did you add the photos? I keep trying and I get no where!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

It's says "browse" somewhere and I clicked on it and found my pictures somewhere else...I actually had a cool picture of me but uploade Violetta by do I know stuff? I'm not one of you computer guys/wiz/musicmen...I'm just a artist with a real brush in his workingman laborlike hands! Click!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I'm fixing "brisket" for a few folks before Mass at San Francisco tomorrow night...thus endeth my Holiday Cookathon (hopefully)!


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