Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Wonders of Science

Muchos años pasados, Matty Boy and I were in a band together. We actually put out some vinyl, AND a video. The video was muy priti, as the kids say here in Panamá, and we even submitted it to MTV, which was the thing to do in 1983. Since we had no blue smoke or women in lingerie in the video (which was the style of the time), we were told that, although our video should be in Medium Rotation, we were not with a major record label, so we were required to submit our video to a program called "The Basement Tapes." Well, since we didn't have the necessary elements (which were the style at the time) we never made it out of the basement. The video was shown at some kinda arty-film festival in San Francisco (which was not the style at the time) and people liked it. Now it is a fading memory. But I decided to post the cover of our single "The Big Picture b/w My Only Desire" (Big Picture was the video) for the pleasure of Luiz. Yes, once I was a cool guy. . .


Anonymous said...

I am the guy in the upper left hand corner; I don't know if I ever thought I was cool, but I was in a band and I wrote videogames, which some kids thought was cool, I guess.

The band was tempos muy fun, I say in my very bad Spanglish. Padre Mickey has turned some of our vinyl into mp3's, which I can play on my computer and remember the good gigs and bad, and practice, which are some of my fondest band memories. We also put some stuff on tape I'd love to listen to again.

Anonymous said...

And why do I not have these .mp3s? Band practice is among my earliest memories. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Padre! You were really cool looking! I'm sure though, that I wouldn't have recognized you without your name somewhere close to the picture...Oh well, we all change, don't we?

assault_attack said...

My name is Rick Oswald and I sat in with the band on drums on 2 occasions. A radio broadcast on KFJC and a gig at the old Keystone Palo Alto.

My younger brother Dan just visited me here in San Jose from Florida and handed me a cassette and asked "Is this a band you played in?" It is a copy of the KFJC show, I had not heard this in 25 + years! I am surprised at the quality. I honestly do not remember ever practicing with them but it seems like we were a pretty tight sounding band. Very cool! I have to say I enjoyed listening to this again.

PS I played in bands with the bass player Michael Dresbach for over 4 years. That was my connection to the band.

Padre Mickey said...

Hey Rick, it's great to hear from you! I'm in contact with your cousin Thom via Facebook.
Get in touch: mgdbach at gmail dot com.

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