Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Love Basket Day

Paques ready to go!
Today we distributed the Love Baskets after the Holy Eucharist and Healing service. We distributed 100 paques. Each paque contained:

1 can fruit juice; 1 can mixed vegetables; 1 can tuna; 1 bottle vegetable oil; 1 bag lentils; 1 bag macaroni; 1 box tea; 1 lb. coffee; 1 pkg. mayonnaise; 2 lbs sugar; 1 lb. corn meal; 2 lbs. rice; 1/2 dz. eggs;
1 bag containing onions, garlic, potatoes, (and I think some apples, but I’m not sure) 1 small cake; and one whole chicken (I believe that I have listed the contents correctly), all the necessary ingredients for a great Christmas Dinner, Panamanian Style! I think we did quite well! We raised some $1200.00, and all of it came from the congregation; we didn’t receive any donations of food from groceries stores and food distributors as we have in the past. Our parish serves the neighborhoods of Rio Abajo and Parque Lefevre, and there is quite a lot of poverty surrounding us, due to the economic depression in Panamá since the revision of the Canal to Panamá. Most of the members of our congregation are retired Canal Workers, so they are on fixed incomes, but they are all so generous and never refuse any request to help others. I want to congratulate Ms. Roxanna Olton, Ms. Elfrida Beckford and all the women of the ECW, as well as all the folks who helped pack and distribute the paques. I also want to congratulate and thank the youth who participated this year packing and distributing paques. This is the 29th year of the Love Basket Program, and it is an outreach project of which our parish can be quite proud. I was ready to take many photos of the participants and recipients, but the batteries on the camera expired after three shots. Oh well, better luck next year!

Some folks in this group will distribute paques, and others will receive paques.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Presto Chango, I'm in like Flynno...I can't believe I've finally been allowed to post here on a regular baseless..

I admire your paquettes...100 is a BIG DEAL! Bless you all (did I mention I love your congregation pals and they refuse to say one word to me)! I don't insult via internet unless they get Skype. I would feel unwelcomed except I knew, send directly from +Akinola, it was the devil that rejected my "comments" for a couple of days/daze.

Did you know? I'm Paranoid?


I figuered it out. It's really kinda, well, very, uncharitable but I think there is a definite connection between the puritanical meanies and the horned meanie and the U.S. President and the Archbacked Bishop of Nigeria!

I know plenty of stuff right this second that I previously never knew!

Blessings to EVERYONE down there in's NUTSO up here in volcanoville and I went to el mercado today and purchased tons of stuff for canastas that will find there way to some very lovely folks...speaking of which, my friend the carpenter Luis (not our Brazilian pal Luiz who has wandered off somewhere) named his eleventh child Christopher Antonio (I helped with the naming because Luis, not Luiz, thinks I know stuff about clever ideas like naming lovely babies)!

Life is good...verdad?

I think so.

I prayed to Saint Anthony today because I couldn't find my passport and/or bankbook...seconds, I tell ya, it was seconds before St. Anthony sent me to a place where I hid the stuff that I don't remember ever even being...naming babies is powerful and if you want a little insurance, name every baby Anthony!

When do we get to scream and shout FELICIDADES around this here aledged dance party?

Love to all,
Leonardo Ricardo

Anonymous said...

Hello I really enjoyed your blog! I believe to be the niece of Mrs. Elfrida Beckford. If you could please email me at I am in connection with my father who disclosed names of my family, who I'm looking to come in contact with back in Panama. Thank you and speak to you soon!

I See You!

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