Sunday, December 03, 2006

¡The Winner!

Last night, after Mass, we were at dinner at the Leighs, and the subject of the Cute Scruffy Dog War post came up. Tía Sue claimed that Natasha won the vote, and I told her that, actually, it was a tie. Leonardo voted for Natasha, Sue S. voted for Chompita, and Matty Boy, while not officially stating a preference, seemed to support both candidates. Many people visited the site, sent over by MadPriest's link, but, for some strange reason perhaps having to do with International Voting Laws, none of them voted. In order to keep peace in the family, I have declared THIS HEAH PUPPEH the winner, cuz he is the cutest. Look at that little rocking chair, awwwwww!

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Anonymous said...

Like the model iguana used in a post several weeks back, this model puppy is put forward, allegedly representing the honest, hard-working perros of Central America, but in fact mocking them and taking food out of their deserving dinner bowls.

Also, Padre, have you considered this? Perhaps the rocking chair is full-sized and this is some terrifying, massive mutant puppy that will grow to the size of a Buick, chasing, catching and eating runners and bicyclists unfortunate enough to pass by the devil dog's habitat.

Oh, the humanity! Mas de Chompita y Natasha, por favor.

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