Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Christmas Day celebration

We spent Christmas Day with our friends the Leighs in Gamboa. The Leighs are with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute here in Panamá, and have been here for over thirty years. Tía Sue was there, too! We had Indian food for Christmas, per Bert's request (which is great since I love Indian food). Mona made samosas, and I made saag. I wanted to have lamb in the saag, but there was no lamb to be found in the supermarket, so I used puerco liso. The only way the saag could be less kosher was if I had given it a crab and shrimp garnish! With the pork and cream, I should have just offered it to an idol and got it over with! The saag had a nice slow burn to it, which caused us all to break-out into a sweat midway through the meal. We also had brown basmati rice and naan, not to mention salad. Lots of wine, and whiskey for me and Bert. I was so full when we got home around 5:00 pm I just collapsed on the couch for several hours. Here is a picture of Natasha, whom you remember from the cute scruffy dog wars. She napped the entire time we were there! She has one brown eye and one blue eye (as does her sister, Olivia) and sleeps with her blue eye open, but her brown eye closed. She finally got up to bid us good-bye!

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