Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gallito Mescalito's Cousin

Photo by Miz Coophah, future Deacon
It seems that Gallito Mescalito's cousin, Mesacaline Rooster, has appeared in San José, Calfornia. He seems to be dating Gallo Diablo on the right. Look at those teeth! These rooster are readers; they always hang out by books!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

You are the funniest padre in the Global Center of cosas.

I did look at the "teeth" and spitted out my Salvavides purofied water into the keyboard (again).

It should be dry by morning.

I hung some sparkling garland around your/her looks bien cool.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh, not one palabra about my Advent ignoring decorating...I'm having a Christmas party for the Learning Center and I'm not a piker (but a Bishop Piker fan I am...RIP dear Bishop) with the Christmas Glitz!

No lectures!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I mean Bishop Pike...I'm sleepy and I'm going to have nightmares about old rooster boyfriends with yellow teeth.

Padre Mickey said...

Don't worry, we're going to have a Christmas Party with el Coro de los Jovenes on Friday night. Just dont' tell MadPriest!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Me too...Friday night, the 15th is the night...I'm having drinks/dinner and full throttle Christmas Music!

I never tell MadPriest anything because he kinda intimidates me...odd, don't you think? (It musta been the mean remark about me Yorkshire Dad..who despised the Queen Mum for some reason...he died a year or two before her..he was couple of weeks short of 97 so he tried but she won).

Luiz Coelho said...

"O galo de Barcelos" is a Portuguese legend very known in that country.

Being almost 100% Portuguese (well, half-ethnically Portuguese, half jewish Portuguese) I have a collection of them here. Some of them were given by realtives. Others I bought when I went to Portugal two years ago...

If you want, Mickey, I can take a picture of them! They'll feel very happy to be part of the Global Center blogosphere...

My galinhos are much prettier than yours and not that spiff looking. ;)

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