Friday, December 08, 2006

Send Him To The Corner!

I read several newspapers on-line every morning, and I also read several political blogs each day, so I'm not totally uninformed (misinformed, possibly). I understand that President George W. Bush is the Commander in Chief and The Decider, but really, why is he still telling us what he will and won't do in Iraq? He won't talk to Iran and Syria unless they meet his demands and he won't do this and he won't do that. When it comes to Foreign Policy he has no credibility on the subject at all! All is "commanding" has been catastrophic, and his "deciding" has resulted in wrong decisions. Yet he still gets up there and sounds like he's going to jump out of his skin because he's so angry that we can't grasp his strategy. I think that the U.S. needs to get out of Iraq, concentrate on fixing things in Afghanistan (if it isn't too late already) and tell the Presnit and Vice Presnit to take a time out in the corner for the next two years. I suppose we could use them to open Wal-Marts and Shopping Malls, but I think that they have done enough damage for now.

Looks like the Foley Commission will be put their report in the Friday News Dump so that it will be ignored. Wadda bunch!


Anonymous said...

Finally I got through to post a comment! Something technical has been goofy on this blog for several days.

Of course I agree that something is very, very wrong with the Presnint, but of course the American media must report, some people say x while others say y. So now we have a "controversy" between people who get EVERYTHING wrong ALL THE TIME and the people who disagree with them, meaning people who have a nickel's worth of sense.

Anglicans may see a parallel in their current situation. I'll leave it to them to comment.

Just in case the comment board continues to vex me, let me add my belated birthday wishes to Tom Waits, as good a songwriter as America has produced since the end of WW II.

Padre Mickey said...

I tink we should kick his monkey butt. We had a name for his type back on Okinawa: Akachibi saru (red butt monkey).

Yeah, we all loves the Tom Waits. Anne is still pissed that I didn't buy her tickets to that concert at the Paramount back in 1999!

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