Monday, December 18, 2006

Fiesta Navideña de Coro de Jovenes

I really couldn't think of anything to post today. Even though I wasn't surprised by the results in Virginia, I still find it depressing. I feel the same way about the Diocese of San Joaquin. I really don't understand the need to denounce everyone and demand that we all subscribe to their theological and political views, not to mention their piety. One thing I have always loved about Anglicanism is the fact that there is room for so many differing views, but it seems that, for the time being, those days are over!

Well, here are some fótos of the future of Iglesia Episcopal de Panamá: el Coro de Jovenes (the Youth Choir) de Parroquia San Cristóbal (aren't they beautiful young people?). We hosted their Christmas Party Saturday night. They decorated our tree, practiced "Stille Nacht" in four languages, ate lots of pizza, drank lots of soda, and ate many nasty-looking day-glo orange snack treats. They also learned about the importance and dominance of James Brown, El Padrino de Alma, and why "James Brown Christmas" is THE holiday album! I'm pretty sure this group won't grow up to be neo-donatist puritans! ¡Gracias a Dios!

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