Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Random Ten

I'm at home today, and the iTunes shuffle on the home computer seems to have different tastes than my computer at San Crstóbal.

1. Strange Town - The Jam
2. Altar Boy - Madder Rose
3. Lost In The Stars - Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet
4. Scenery - Neil Young and Pearl Jam
5. Distributed Being - Brian Eno
6. Where Are The Prawns? - The Soft Boys
7. European Son - Velvet Underground
8. The Last Day Of Our Acquantance - Sinead O'Connor
9. Chance Meeting - Roxy Music
10. Karma Police - Radiohead


MadPriest said...

Oh Padre, you were doing so well. I mean, "Soft Boys' cool, saw them at The Rainbow as support at the Damned's first farewell concert.

But then - RADIOHEAD - why? Elvis with the Brodskys - no, no, no!

As I've said to others on many occasions. There's nothing wrong with you liking a few unhip records but you must never tell people. Do you know how many millions of people like Radiohead?

Oh, and you a priest (of cool).

Padre Mickey said...

But but but I LOVES the Radioheads!!
And the Elvis and Brodsky Quartet is from a collection of Kurt Weil! That's super cool!!
Geez, I thought you'd be more upset about Sinead O'Connor.
I likes what I likes and I ain't ashamed!!
Anyway, aren't you the guy who posted "The Elusive Butterfly" on his blog last night? Hang yer head in shame, dude!

Anonymous said...

I will cast the deciding vote here.

Madpriest: you're MAD! MAD, I SAY!!!!

A very cool list, with the obscure but terrific Madder Rose more than making up for other not obscure bands.

Bad things said about Elvis Costello are marked in The Book of Life and answered for at the end.

I hadn't thought about the Easily Annoyed Bald-Headed Girl in quite some time, God bless her.

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