Friday, December 08, 2006

Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito

Hey! Where did the picture go? I'm having lots of computer problems today. The computer with this photo is acting up, so I can't fix it.UPDATE The Boys agreed to pose for the photo once more
I realize that the posts today have been a bit odd, well, actually, quite odd. And this post really won't be any different. I've noticed that many blogs have regular "features" on Fridays, often with photos. There is Friday Ferret Blogging at First Draft; Friday Orchid Blogging at AMERICAblog; Thursday Basset Blogging at TBogg, and lots and lots of Friday Cat Blogging all over the place. Now, we all know that I am not above posting photos of cute animals, and Chompita and Natasha make the occasional appearance, but, let's face it, dogs really don't do too much during the day, and they like to sleep a lot. It's true that cats sleep all day, too, but for some reason they tend to sleep in cute positions. So, no Friday Cute Scruffy Dog Blogging. Instead, I am going to have Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and His Friend Gallito Mescalito Blogging. These two colorful inanimate objects (actual graven images, if you think about it) will have thrilling adventures every Friday. Today they are visiting the top shelf of the third bookcase in Padre's office at home, just above Padre's Biggest Fan. Who knows, they may even make a visit to a stable in Bethlehem! I found Red Mr. Peanut Bank many many years ago when I worked on the Shipping/Receiving Dock at Telesensory Systems, and he has traveled the world with me. Gallito Mescalito was a gift from a Cursillista, and, hard as it is to believe, this is his first visit to Central America (although he may have lived in Mexico once). Tune in next week.

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Anonymous said...

I remember those two from my childhood, along with many other strange posessions of yours.

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