Monday, December 18, 2006

More Fotos of the Beautiful Youth Peoples Having Fun

Here are more fótos of the Christmas Party. As the Eldest Child, I inherited (well, not really inherited; my parents are still alive, but they gave me some of the old stuff) some family Christmas decorations. I inherited the ancient Tree-Topping-Angel, which we bought many, many years ago when we lived in Okinawa. Over the past forty years it has lost its wings (nothin' to do wit It's A Wonderful Life, believe me!) and an eye, giving it a kind of Popeye the Angelic Sailor look. But no matter how terrible she looks, she still ends up on the tree! When we lived in California, we lived in Victorian houses with 18 to 20 foot ceilings, so we always had these enormous, tall trees (we would go to a Tree Farm in the Santa Cruz mountains, and after marching about for an hour and a half, we would finally settle on some sequoia and cut 'er down and drag her home). So we have lots of ornaments. Los jovenes had a great time decorating the tree and they did a wonderful job, too! (I confess: here in Panamá we have an artificial tree. I really don't like the idea of buying some tree which was cut down in Canada in October and is all dried out by the time we get it here. I don't want to kill anymore trees just to decorate them and taunt them with "Try to run back and hide in the forest now, eh?" So, I bought a fake tree our first year here. I gots to construct it every year, and then take it down, but no actual trees are damaged or killed in the process).

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realise how much I missed that angel until I saw her again. And the birds! I miss them too.

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